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Girl & Boy Unisex Baby Coat - Baby Coat Mustard Yellow - Curious

Girl & Boy Unisex Baby Coat - Baby Coat Mustard Yellow - Curious

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A stylish coat is a key piece of growing wardrobes. Our Lally baby rubber pants are designed to be comfortable, fun and timeless. The soft textured stamp fabric in tones that add joy to the season is exclusive to Lally, and the interior features figured buttons suitable for 100% cotton linings. Essential comfort in baby coats can be found in Lally Coats. There are sizes between the ages of 1-6.

Yellow Cachet Coat Character Feature: curious! Why, how, what, why, who ... His curiosity is evident even before the words come out. Corners that cannot be entered, plants we do not notice, flowers, perhaps liquids to mix with one another. Here are some of the areas of expertise :)

Material Information:

Outer Fabric: 30% Angora, 30% Viscose, 20% Polyester, 18% Pure Wool, 2% Lycra  

Liner: 100% Cotton



1-2 years: 32 cm

2-3 years: 38 cm

3-4 years: 44 cm

4-5 years: 51 cm

5-6 years: 58 cm

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