At Lally Things, we take care to offer simple but stylish designs with materials that are in harmony with nature and support sustainability. We work with local workshops, and we produce our long-lasting products in limited quantities with a boutique production approach. We use recycled or recyclable natural packaging, and we prefer natural and high quality fabrics such as cotton and sile cloth in our designs.


Prefer natural fabrics. All fabrics leave microfiber in the wash. The problem is that the microfibers in synthetic fabric are not biodegradable. These plastic fibers eventually reach our oceans, making their way up the food chain. So in the long run, organic matter isn't just better for the global environment, it's better for all living things, including you.


Clothing with a high quality and long-lasting design is essential to creating a sustainable wardrobe. When clothes get smaller sooner or later, a good piece of clothing is always wanted by someone else.


Give your garment a second chance by covering stubborn stains or holes with leftover fabric or patches. When it's time to say goodbye - recycle, resell or donate your clothes to an organization.


Many garments may not be suitable for high temperature washing. If possible, hang your clothes that are not heavily soiled on a rack and ventilate. Keep natural stain removers with natural essentials like white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon in your kitchen.


Break a mold and set the standards for generations to come. Ask brands about their sustainability efforts and support pioneers.