Sağlıklı, Salaş, Sağlam: 3S ile Neden Şile Bezi?

Healthy, Shabby, Robust: Why Şile Cloth?

As Lally Things, using healthy fabrics in our products is one of our priorities that we will never abandon since the first day we set off. One of our favorite fabrics is the completely cotton Şile Cloth! In our Color Blocks collection, you can see the sile cloth in a color palette of 6 vibrant colours. This colorful collection is based on the pure energy of our little ones, dreams, the comfort of playing games and the freedom to be whoever they want. Moreover, while they are playing and running freely, wanting to get out of the sea and keep moving without stopping, each piece chosen from Lally provides comfort with its quick-drying structure. When choosing Şile cloth, we should state that we were impressed by the wonderful properties of this fabric. If we want to summarize with 3S, this fabric is both healthy, shabby and robust! Şile Cloth means weaving produced with multi-twisted yarns in weaving. It is woven with plain weave. It is made of 100% cotton yarn, it has a thin and breathable texture, the Şile cloth does not sweat. Although it has a thin texture, it is strong and durable due to its structure. Since it is a curved fabric, it provides a shabby appearance and does not require ironing. Keeps you cool on hot days and dries fast. We will continue to see cotton fabrics belonging to our geography in Lally Things collections, and it is a great pleasure for us to turn healthy fabrics into pieces that can be worn with pleasure. Moreover, we think that we do not have the luxury of buying a product and wearing it for one season, which is also important for sustainable fashion. You can take a look at our collection of Şile cloth to try the Şile cloth now.
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