Why is Cotton Clothing Important?

When it comes to our little ones, many details that we didn't pay much attention to before become important agenda topics: food, daily care, sleep and even clothing... The list of products is long, but in this article, we will discuss the clothing issue that we spend most of our time on as Lally Things.

The baby gets its own wardrobe before it's even born, and one of the first things parents decide is, of course, what kind of clothes to choose. The quality, material, patterns of the clothes are the criteria that parents carefully consider when purchasing. Of course, we are not surprised that the most prominent material in healthy baby clothing is cotton.

So why cotton?

Naturally hypoallergenic to our little ones' delicate skin.
One of the most important features of cotton fabric: cotton is hypoallergenic, that is, this textile material protects your baby's skin without harming it and is natural. Any product you can be sure is produced with 100% cotton* has a very low risk of triggering allergies on your baby's sensitive skin from the first months, thanks to its composition and naturally soft and healthy texture. *(When we say that you need to make sure that it is produced with 100% cotton, unfortunately we see many misleading labels on this subject. We will also discuss the topic of label reading in a different article.)

Cotton Fabric protects from cold and is resistant to heat.

Cotton provides natural protection against cold, but is also heat resistant. You can easily choose it for your little one in any season and with many different model options. As Lally Things mothers, we paid attention to the fact that our fabrics were 100% cotton, starting from the first outfit we designed. Our 100% cotton voile fabric Pareo Beach Dresses, which acquire different colors every year and are preferred by more and more of our little ones, both keep them cool in summer and dry quickly with their ragged structure. Therefore, it provides comfort to our little ones on hot days. The colorful tassels we use in the details of our pareos add fun to our little one's style. The original tassels we use in Lally Things iconic pareos are also produced from cotton fabrics, and we produce their colors for the Lally Things collection.

Cotton that balances baby's body temperature
Although cotton is an excellent heat insulator, its natural fibrous texture is permeable to sweat and excess heat, thus helping to regulate your little one's temperature. Thus, it helps to prevent our little ones from sweating too much and overheating in their clothes.

Too much heat or too cold is very uncomfortable for our little ones, especially when they sweat in hot weather or need to regulate their body temperature while sleeping. Moreover, it is not healthy for blood circulation. Cotton clothes are very helpful in managing body temperature and expelling sweat.

You can take a look at our Lally Things Sile Cloth Collection, which provides comfort with its pattern so that both our girls and boys can move comfortably in hot weather and run without fear of sweating. Şile cloth fabric produced with 100% natural cotton is one of the fabrics identified with Lally Things. If you want to get to know Şile Cloth better, we recommend you to read our Şile Cloth article.

Cotton for sustainability
As a durable and sustainable material, cotton is an ideal textile material for our little ones' clothes. Cotton clothes are resistant to heat (high temperature washing), acid (reflux, vomit, etc.), friction and stretching.

For example, our cotton girls' pareo beach dresses, produced with voile fabric, are very durable and can be worn for a long time, even though they are thin and fresh. The sustainability of Lally Things Pareos kills two birds with one stone, both in terms of returning to the environment and in terms of being able to be worn for years.

How much cotton?
How is cotton made? To determine the quality of cotton fabric, natural plant fibers are first spun and then woven more or less finely or tightly. What will determine what kind of fabric will be produced is the way the cotton yarn is woven and the way it is woven. But the basic and unique ingredient remains the same: 100% natural cotton.

We recommend that you pay attention when buying clothes with prints, figures or hard embroidery, especially for newborns and babies. It must be 100% cotton on the label. Prints may sweat, embroideries may sink due to their hardness. However, if you are not very sure about an outfit that you like the model or style of; We recommend that you wear a layer of cotton between your baby's skin.

Today, some certificates are given to cotton in order to maintain a certain standard (eg GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard). This certificate indicates that cotton is biodegradable. In addition, these certificates guarantee that no chemical products or components harmful to health or the environment are used.

The important thing for our little ones is that the clothes are healthy and natural. If necessary, you can get information about the fabrics by contacting the brand you bought directly, for example, we like to talk about it.
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