Why Do Girls Like to Wear Skirts?

Girls are more fond of clothes and their looks than boys. Especially from the age of 4, they like to choose their own clothes when they go out to play, go for a walk or go to school. When they look in the mirror, they find themselves more beautiful and perhaps thus more like the adult they modeled.

Another reason is that going in and out of the toilet is much more practical for them with skirts. They can more easily reach the feeling of achieving something on their own. Every girl's mother watches her girls become princesses at a certain time. At a certain time, she gets bored with both skirts and dresses and wants to wear only trousers. But in general, although there are exceptions, the majority of them prefer skirts or dresses for a long time. In the first years, girls, who are dressed by the adults responsible for them until the age of 1-2, start to be more insistent on their own wishes from the age of 2, and this is reflected in the clothes for the first time. One of the reasons for having crying fits by lying on the floor is that her skirt doesn't turn as much as she wants. Patience to all elders here!

For parents, of course, how their children feel is more important than how they look. At the same time, it is the first priority for the clothes to be made of healthy fabrics. It is very important that children's clothes that come into direct contact with the skin are 100% cotton. We can leave the choice to the little girls among 3 choices, of which we are sure of the quality, for more peaceful and quicker outings. Then we can put aside being stubborn about clothes and encourage our girls in this direction, just as they are happy.

Our little girls move comfortably in Lally Things Asymmetrical Skirts, which are prepared with 100% cotton fabrics both on the beach and in daily life in summer; They can run and play as they please.

For most girls, the sweetest thing about skirts is that when they spin around quickly, they can open like a fan, so they feel like butterflies.

Lally Things double-layered voile fabric asymmetrical skirts make the whole family happy, both on the beach and in everyday life. Thanks to its double layer, it does not show the inside, it looks cooler with its asymmetric model. Thanks to the elastic waist, it does not tighten. Also, there is no inside or outside, he wears the inside or the outside. Thus, he develops his ability to dress himself and his satisfaction. Lally Things Asymmetrical Skirt model starting from 1 year old is suitable for girls up to 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years and 6 years old.

In all circumstances, the priority is the health of our children and leaving them a clean environment. For this, the skirt model we created using 100% cotton fabrics is sent in recyclable packaging and in a fabric bag that can be used in any area for a long time. Prepared in heartwarming summer colors, Lally Things Asymmetrical Skirts are a nice gift idea for girls aged 1-6 with mint, lilac and two-tone yellow and pink color options.
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